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Santa Fe Pro Musica Patron Research

Santa Fe Pro Musica (SFPM) offers a variety of classical music programs in historic Santa Fe venues, and presents professional musical performances for orchestra, string quartet, chamber ensemble, and performances on baroque instruments. SFPM commissioned SWPM to conduct a survey of patrons and perform a top-level analysis of the patron database maintained by SFPM. The project offered insight into the market for SFPM events by providing a profile of current users along with their opinions on SFPM and the musical performance market in Santa Fe in general. SWPM also conducted an economic impact analysis of what SFPM contributes annually to the local market.

New Mexico Hospitality Association Conference Attendee Surveys

For several years, SWPM has administered attendee feedback surveys for the two flagship conferences held annually by the New Mexico Hospitality Association (NMHA):  Hospitality and Tourism Trends Conference and the Annual Governor's Conference on Tourism.  Following each conference, SWPM sends a survey to each attendee by email, then analyzes and summarizes the data in a written report.  NMHA uses the feedback to improve subsequent conferences.

Higher Education – Various Projects

SWPM principles and staff have led/authored/managed numerous projects for several higher education entities, including Dallas County Community College District, Pima Community College, Cosumnes River College, Drexel University, University of Phoenix, Coconino Community College, Penn State Great Valley, and Delaware County Community College. Projects include:

     · Marketing/Communications Plans for the Colleges At-Large

     · Enrollment Management Plans

     · National Marketing Plan for Distance Learning Products

     · Numerous Re-Accreditation Projects and Reports

     · Grant Applications Resulting in Over $80 Million in Awards

     · Constituent and Student Research

     · Strategic Planning

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