Tribal Consulting



● Land Use Planning

● Utility Easements

● Development Plans

● Integrated Resource Management Planning

● Program Assessment & Evaluation

● Grant Writing

● Tribal Economic Development Planning

● Natural Resource Management

● Tribal Tourism Planning

With over 50 combined years of tribal government and tribal corporation business experience, Southwest Planning & Marketing offers a broad range of consulting, planning, market research, cultural and social services designed to help our clients maximize their business successes. The principal philosophy of Southwest Planning & Marketing is to leverage our client’s skills along with our network of partners to connect and support our client’s goals. This model enables our client to develop and provide the opportunity to expand their business scope and have the informational tools to do so.

Southwest Planning & Marketing is flexible and understands the cultural nuances of tribal government and the tribal corporate structure. We follow our clients’ development, help grow their capacities and help create accountability a step at a time. Southwest Planning & Marketing assists both the client and its community in achieving its long-term sustainable growth.

SWPM has worked with nearly every major tribe, tribal agency, and government agency that is involved in tribal affairs including the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Eight Northern Pueblos, and multiple economic development corporations. Managing Partner Chris Cordova has worked closely with many of New Mexico's tribes and tribal entities and has specialized in tribal consulting for over 20 years.