Market Research

We are a full service market research firm offering a wide range of services. We have performed research at both the local and national levels with numerous firms. As the only firm in New Mexico licensed to use Vovici Professional Software Suite, we are uniquely capable of providing high-quality research to our clients. Learn how we can help you understand your target market today!


Southwest Planning & Marketing is one of New Mexico's oldest and most respected strategic planning firms. We have been providing planning solutions to New Mexico organizations since 1977. Our roster of qualified associates has over 70 years of combined experience in diverse areas of planning including economic development, travel and tourism, tribal planning, housing, and many more.

Tribal Consulting

Our associates have worked with nearly every tribe and major tribal organization in New Mexico. We understand the complicated relationship between economic development corporations, government agencies, tribal councils, and tribal governments. We specialize in interfacing between the various entities to find needs-oriented solutions for all parties involved.