Hopi/Navajo Reservation Intercept Surveying

Northcentral Arizona

Southwest Planning & Marketing was asked to conduct intercept surveys in the heart of Arizona's Indian country. Our partner, whose offices are located in Phoenix, requested that we support them by surveying throughout Navajo and Hopi reservations. We were able to use our contacts with tribal governments and entities to recruit college students from both communities to act as our surveyors. We traveled to Arizona, did a complete training course with our young Native American surveyors, and were granted permission to conduct fieldwork on tribal lands, all in a total of 4 days.

Hawaii Multi-Lingual Forestry Intercept Survey


Southwest Planning & Marketing was contracted to perform a series of intercept surveys at multiple locations in Hawaii.  This particular survey was conducted in three languages: English, Japanese, and Spanish. Southwest Planning & Marketing utilized long-standing professional relationships to put together and train a team of multi-lingual surveyors (all of which were recruited from Hawaii hotels) and work to conduct field-work at locations controlled by multiple organizations including Federal and State agencies.


State of the Art Mobile Focus Group - Facilitation

Santa Fe & Las Cruces, NM

Southwest Planning & Marketing was asked to conduct focus groups in Las Cruces and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Because many rural New Mexico communities do not have focus group facilities, Southwest Planning & Marketing maintains access to state of the art equipment and a partnership with a luxury hotel chain. Southwest Planning & Marketing used these resources to provide a professional focus group facility in a flexible format for the client. We provided better than industry standard audio recording, access to a 1080 pixel HD 60” screen that the client used to view the focus group live on-site, and a web streaming link for off-site viewing.

Puye Cliff Dwellings Management and Marketing Plan

Santa Clara, NM

Santa Clara Pueblo's cultural tourist site, Puye Cliffs, was closed for many years as a result of forest fires in the area. Southwest Planning & Marketing was contracted to prepare a Tourism Management Plan that would be both culturally sensitive and provide a revenue source through tourism development. Southwest Planning & Marketing prepared a management plan approved by the tribal council and was implemented the plan. Southwest Planning & Marketing prepared and developed tour packages, hired and trained managers, developed collateral material, and prepared and implemented the re-opening of Puye Cliffs in 2010 with the consent of the Santa Clara Tribal Council.

North Central Regional Transit District 5 Year Strategic Plan

Northcentral New Mexico

Southwest Planning & Marketing was contracted by KFH Group to complete the community outreach portion of a 5-year strategic plan for the North Central Regional Transit District. Southwest Planning & Marketing visited 15 communities throughout North central New Mexico including various tribes and counties to gather qualitative data from bus riders in those communities. Community outreach included community meetings, meetings with tribal councils, and focus groups.

Albuquerque international balloon fiesta visitor studies

Albuquerque, New Mexico

For many years, Southwest Planning & Marketing has been contracted by the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta to conduct a biannual intercept survey for the purpose of gathering feedback from local residents and out of state visitors. The report includes an economic impact analysis of the Fiesta and information about the visitors themselves. In addition to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, our report has been utilized by other organizations including the New Mexico Department of Tourism and the Mid-Region Council of Governments. Additionally, Southwest Planning & Marketing designed and implemented a Visitor Tracking Study for the first time in 2013. We recruited out of state visitors at the Fiesta to install a GPS tracking application on their smart phone during their stay in New Mexico. Our team was able to see where people were spending their time and resources outside of the Balloon Fiesta Park to provide an even clearer picture of the impact the Fiesta has on local communities and the New Mexico economy.

US Travel Association National Malls Survey

Northcentral New Mexico

Southwest Planning & Marketing was contracted by General Growth Properties Malls to conduct a customer survey. SWPM conducted thousands of intercept surveys at over 30 malls across the country. SWPM sent its field survey staff to train and manage teams of temp workers who surveyed at the target locations. The surveying was completed on-time and to the satisfaction of the client.